Posted on 21 February 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Swimwear Trends

Everyone out there claims to know what the best fashion trend is. The bar is so high that many women feel the pressure to go beyond their comforts to be in line with the style requirements. It is important that women know their fashion limits and strives to enforce them. Just because someone considers something cool does not mean it has to be the only thing that is cool.

Many women fall into this trap and find themselves clad in outfits that do not flatter their body types or stroke with their fashion sense. Being a trendy and fashionable woman is about knowing what works for you first. It is also important to consider the right combination of fabrics, colors and patterns, your comfort and the appropriateness of the fashion choices you make.

Different age brackets, body shapes, and heights call for various fashion choices that are each unique to sometimes even a particular demographic. Remaining within these bounds is important and should be observed.

Here are some reasons why you should not follow fashion trends blindly in my opinion:

  • Not every style is appropriate for every body type

The evolution of swimwear has seen so many changes incorporated in the name of improving and becoming more fashionable. These trends are however not made for every body type. It essential to find the styles that flatter your body and that make you feel confident wearing them. 

         Becca Chakra One Piece Plunge, Blue Life Swim Roped Up High Neck Top & Blue Life Swim Roped Up Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Agua Bendita Bendito Limonaria, LuliFama Sailor's Kiss Fishnet Sporty Top & Fishnet Moderate Bottom

OndadeMar Miranda Solids Viscose Playsuit

Becca Shoreline Tunic

  • Be your unique self

Fashion trends are almost like a cult. They take away your individual self and you end up following everything that everyone else considers hot. Being a fashion slave means that any style that you had is out the window and you give the trendsetters the power to run your life. Being unique in Today’s world where people look to others for counsel on everything is important. Every woman should maintain her individuality. Being your person is a trend in its own, so look for styles that fit your body type, skin tone and character. Changing styles and expanding your comfort zone is great, however make sure that you feel confident wearing what you wear.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Cheetah Gold Bikini, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Alligator Green Bikini 

  • Some styles never go out of style

Fashion also contains many styles, prints and colors that never go out of style. These are often referred to as time-less styles, prints and colors. Therefor choose styles that flatter you and stick to them if they work for you but just change the colors and patterns once in a while. Animal Prints are considered as time-less. Every year and every season - winter, summer, fall or spring- animal prints return and are considered high fashion. So with a print like this you can never go wrong! Color-wise black and white are always good  as solid colors. White is considered more for spring and summer, black more for fall and winter. Beautiful bright colors always work as soon as the sun starts shining bright again, but are also great colors to brighten up a dark winter day.

LA Hearts Cross Front One Piece Swimsuit and Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Animal Green Bikini

 LA Hearts Strappy Back Bralette Bikini TopThalassa Boom Resort Wear Tiger Gold Bikini

Somedays Lovin Bayside In Bahia Bikini, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Alligator Blue Bikini

Choose the fashion trends wisely since this defines you as an independent unique person or a dependent person who has no understanding of true style or sexy.




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