Posted on 18 September 2017


Matching Floats and Swimwear

Having a float that matches your swimsuit is something many people do not consider. To be honest, I did not think it is important either. It is just a float after all. But with the upcoming float fests I have however come to learn and accept that when you commit to looking good and standing out, you do not compromise on anything! However trivial it may seem.
Besides this, a nice float floating around in your pool is a great back-drop!

Your choice of a float either complements your swimwear or makes you look lost. It is an up and coming trend that many people are taking up. Who knew that the swan you choose to use should go well with the swimsuit you have on?

There are many different types of floats for various purposes. Many people consider floaters as suitable for children and individuals who cannot swim. Even people who are great at swimming can use floats for the purpose of lounging.

The bigger and stylish floats that are in the shapes of ducks and swans are luxurious and accessorize your swimwear. Here is how you match your swimsuit to your float.

Other types of swim float that you can choose to include are:


  • Animal floats

There is a variety of floats that are in the shape of animals. They are large enough to accommodate up to two people on them. When you are choosing an animal float that will match your choice of swimwear, consider the color.

Animal floats come in many colors; ensure that you do not have swimwear that is the same color as the animal. Choose a color that is not dominant on the float so that it does not shadow your shine. If you have a bright yellow duck with a black beak, then a black swimsuit will do you more justice.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Black Bandeau and Boy Shorts with Swarovski CrystalsGiant Inflatable Derby Duck Ride On


  • Tanning floats

These are perfect for relaxation and slow tanning as you slowly move around the beautiful waters. Since you get to lie on the float, it is important that you have a flattering swimsuit on. Tanning floats can have bright colors and different designs, but on a white background you tan best! To strike a balance, a beautiful bikini that is either a mix or match or solid colors that are not very bright is great.

FunBoy Yacht Float, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear White Triangle and Ruched Back Tie-Sides Bottom


  • Party floats

A party float can hold more than two people. It is the perfect place to shine in a small crowd. Once you know the choice of a float, you then work on getting the perfect bikini to rock in a party float. A beautiful sexy bikini is an excellent choice for this kind of float. The color is up to you, in a crowd, be yourself and pick a unique color.


Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Animal Pink Bralette Top and Cheeky Bottoms, Sports Stuff 54-2010 Fiesta Island


  • Fun pool float

Solid colors work best for the fun pool float. A one piece is also a great match for this type of float. The fun float has a print that gives it pop. To avoid the competition between your bright floral colors and the fun colors on the float, go for subtle prints or solid color swimwear.


Explore the fun of floating around in your swimwear while enjoying the sea and sun!




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